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They will help you become the musician you have always dreamed of being! 

The i-guitar course is a series of step-by-step tutorial videos with downloadable pdf's in both music and tablature form written by a professional musician/qualified teacher (also available in spiral bound book form) . 

The courses contain all of the information you need, presented in the simplest way possible.
All courses are suitable for acoustic or electric guitar players

Total beginner course:   
Incorporating tuning your guitar, holding a plectrum, how to sit when practicing, left and right hand position, practice routines, using a metronome, using a capo, fingerpicking, learning to read tablature
chords, rhythms and basic song charts, so you can play along with your favourite hits as you learn inc. Justin Beiber, Little Mix, Major Lazer, Emile Sande, Rod Stewart, The Eagles, REM, Imagine Dragons, Bod Dylan, Bob Marley and many more. Learn at your own pace and enjoy the fun side of playing. 

The intermediate course:
In this course you will be studying barre chords, 7th and 9th chords and their uses, more advanced rhythm guitar playing, how to play muted strokes, how to play styles including Rock, Funk, Blues, Reggae and Pop, utilising the various techniques studied. Plus all of the necessary scales you will need to become a great player. You will learn how to write your own music and songs using music theory, like all your favourite musicians do- it's easy once you know how! 

The advanced course:
An in-depth course dealing with all lead guitar techniques from alternate picking, economy picking, sweep picking , harmonics, arpeggios, advanced legato sequences, interval leaps- you name it, it's there! Learn how to apply these ideas musically and develop your own sound. Study more extension chords, experiment with modal tonalities, chord substitutions, ethnic scales,technical guitar playing a la Joe Bonamassa, Polyphia, Yngwie Malmsteen and Paul Gilbert. 

Plus learn how to play The Blues the right way! 

Backing tracks are also available to practice along to in various keys and modal tonalities. 

Learn how to improvise, write songs and invent your own cool guitar soloing style!


Option 1: 
£10/month allows you to download/have access to 2 video lessons each week from chosen course (only £2.50 per week for 2 lessons, compared to a normal guitar lesson of @£30 each time) . Payable through paypal/bank transfer or cheque- you can unsubscribe at any time, when you are happy with the level you have reached. 

Option 2: 
A one-off payment of £49.99 allows full access to any course of your choice. Watch the videos, download the PDF's and send any questions for clarification. 

Option 3:  

A one-off payment of £119.99 allows full access to all courses. Watch the videos, download the PDF's and send any questions for clarification. 

Option 4:  

Spiral bound books are £10.99 each

All available in the store or by contacting us, using the contact form on the drop down menu.


Skype lessons are available on request at a reduced rate for subscribers, where available.